Egyptian Cotton Bed Linens ? 3 Reasons Why You Want Them

Why does anyone want Egyptian cotton bed linens? The fact is a high quality set of Egyptian cotton bed linens will last for decades and become softer with each laundering. Besides these two compelling facts, three strong reasons are presented below for purchasing the very best in bed linens.

  1. Egyptian cotton bed linen is the smoothest and softest cotton in the world. These qualities are because the cotton in Egyptian cotton bed linens is made from the longest cotton staple or fiber of any cotton variety. Egyptian cotton fibers also have very small diameters or thicknesses. When these long, yet very thin fibers of Egyptian cotton are twisted into small threads or yarns, a strong, smooth yarn results with longer lengths of continuous fiber than the other cotton varieties. Once these thin, fine, Egyptian cotton yarns are weaved into a fabric, the result is a finer textured material which feels very soft and smooth.
  2. Moisture absorption capacity and breathability of Egyptian cotton is great. Moisture absorption and breathability of bedding is important for a sleeping person to stay dry and comfortably while sleeping. During a sleep, a person?s skin gives off small amounts of perspiration, but Egyptian cotton bed linens are capable of absorbing this moisture and transferring it to the air in the room due to the cotton?s ability to breath. By staying dry and comfortable throughout the night, Egyptian cotton bed linens insure a sound night?s sleep despite a person?s naturally perspiring body.
  3. You ? yes, you deserve some pampering and luxury in your life. Although, most people cannot afford the luxury of owning a Mercedes-Benz automobile, purchasing quality, Egyptian cotton bed linens is affordable. By the way, pampering yourself with fine Egyptian cotton bed linens is a better choice than purchasing an expensive luxury automobile. Which do you spend the most time in each day; your own bed, or your automobile? A person typically spends about one-third (1/3) of their life in bed while very few people spend one-third of their life or day in their automobile. Remember also, the softness of fine Egyptian cotton bed linens improves with age and washing, while an automobile typically depreciates and wears out with age and use.

So after looking at these three reasons why you want Egyptian cotton bed linens, please indulge and pamper yourself in the luxury of 100% Egyptian cotton bed linens. Enjoy the softness and smoothness of them against your skin and experience their dry, cozy, and comfortable feeling while you sleep. When considering their long life, the luxury of 100% Egyptian cotton bed linens is very affordable. So splurge a little, and have a great night?s sleep.