Roller Shades Link – Chain Controls

When it's time to cover our windows or complete the decorating process, we generally focus mainly on the colors of products available. But keep in mind, there are many differences in the control systems that are employed on similar roller shades. Thanks to these improvements, our window coverings work better and last longer. Roller shades are a traditional window covering, dating back to the late 19th century. With added springs helping to draw them up, pull shades have encountered a formidable adversary: the chain drawn roller shades.

The roller shades with springs can be lowered manually, by pulling on the shade itself, or an attached tassel. To retract the spring roller shade, simply pull at the bottom of the shade, or the tassel if one is provided. However, it is plain to see the problems that may arise with your manually manipulated roller shades.

So in answer to the concerns, developers in the shade industry have created a new kind of operation for roller shades. This mechanism is referred to as chain-driven, or clutches. Chain driven shades are operated simply by pulling the chain that is attached to the top of the roller shade one way or the other to raise or lower the shade. Chains can be produced with durable plastics or with various alloy metals. It may surprise you to know that plastic chains are stronger and more durable than their metal counterparts are. In spite of this, many consumers still prefer metal chains to control their roller shades. The manufacturers of roller shades make good quality shades, since they are aware that both are high quality. They choose usually only on the basis of price, but consider quality and performance too. Their intentions are good.

Time does not permit us to list every benefit of the chain controlled roller shade, so we will name just a few below. One benefit is that you can position the shade more precisely. Just imagine how difficult it could be to adjust a spring roller shade to a precise height. When you position your spring shade, you are very much at the mercy of the spring's "decision" on where it will be. In contrast, you can set the height of the chain roller shade to precisely where you want it.

Another perk to owning chain roller shades is that the roller shade fabric has the potential to remain in brand-new condition, even after years of use. This is possible because you will no longer be physically handling the shade's fabric to raise or lower it. By doing this, you can make your roller shades last much longer. With the innovation of the control chain, you may never have to wash another grimy fingerprint off your roller shade again.

Roller shade chain systems are much sturdier and capable of lifting heavier shades, compared to the spring systems of days gone by. This can be attributed to the variance in springs compared to the roller shades. The new springs have been placed in a sealed case, and these springs help to keep the shade from slipping. This may not seem like a big difference from the spring roller shade, but the new spring shades are not dependent on the weaker springs that came with older spring shades. Innovations in shades have now made it possible to control much larger shades, as large as 8 feet wide and 10 feet tall. Without spring roller shades, these large roller shades would not be possible.

If long-lasting, clean, and large shades are what you want, a chain controlled roller shade may be exactly what you've always wanted. They will maintain the beauty and extend the longevity of your window treatments. Just imagine medicinal developments are beneficial not only for health, but long life and beauty, as well.

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